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About Us

Founded in May 2002, based in North Hollywood, California; MRC Welding Inc. is trusted in the construction community for their quality masterpieces, custom iron work and always being able to push the envelope.


Working hand-in-hand with artists (Designers, Architects, & General Contractors alike) to fabricate each project to the plan specifications and details; MRC Welding Inc. contributes their 30+ years of welding experience to every project, always striving to making improvements where necessary and adapting to the changing trends in construction. 

Rene Cruz honed his skills as a welder early in life. He began his career in the 1980’s in Downtown Los Angeles and was able to focus his passion of welding when he entered the construction union. In 2002, he decided to branch out and start his company MRC Welding Inc.

Today MRC Welding Inc. continues to be a family owned business and Rene Cruz works with his dedicated team to create beautiful, hand crafted items that epitomize the quality and meticulousness of his work.


State Lic.#806132 - Bonded and Insured 
Los Angeles City Fabricators License # FB03151

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